Friday, December 23, 2011

The Four Forms of Yoga

Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit- the union of individuality with the divine intelligence that orchestrates the universe.

  1. Gyan yoga- The yoga of understanding, also known as the yoga of science, the laws of nature are God's thoughts. Science is not an enemy of spiritual awakening but rather a potentially helpful friend.
  2. Bhakti yoga- the yoga of love and devotion. The love of God but also the blossoming and expression of love in all your relationships. Through relationships with others, we discover our higher selves.
  3. Karma yoga- everything I am comes from God and belongs to God. Karma yogis have no anxiety because they have no worry. The Karma yogi knows that God is performing the action and takes care of the results
  4. Raja yoga- the royal path to yoga and the most well known form of yoga. The essence of Raja yoga is integration of body, mind, and soul through procedures that enhance mind-body coordination. Raja yoga helps you practice the other yogas with greater ease, effortlessness and joy.

from "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga" by
 Deepak Chopra

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