Sunday, June 3, 2012

Poem Sunday- Sad.Happy.Free

Arm’s length distance between you and me

But a vast expanse, worlds away, in my heart

No hope left to go back to the start

Where were we then? What happened to us? Why this path?

Thought I’d never give up, us against the world, no looking back

Breaking my heart to think of life without you

On my own, half of what I thought was whole, only one - not two

But to go on living a lie is killing me

Mistakes were made, prices were paid, no one knows as good as we

What the pain was like, the thousands of tears cried, the times no one could see

True love breaking down, moment to moment, day by day, year after year

Until nothing is left but what we started with- our brokenness, our baggage, and fear.


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