Sunday, September 23, 2012

Precious Heart

I put my heart on the line, time after time, so raw and open and pure
It has broken before, for those it adored & will break again I'm sure.

Precious heart, it won't be long
Precious heart, be so strong
Precious heart, stay true to you.

Fall in love, don't give up, or give in to the lure
of cold, hard sadness,
the seclusion of madness,
the illusion of a cure.

You are your own, you've always known- you're different, so don't be thrown.

Even if they stare, they sneer, they tear at your tender heart, please don't succumb.

They'll never see, and they'll never be able to be the one- who fills you with light, who rejects the night, who cradles you in arms of love.

For He lives in you, strong and true, always there when you need a friend.

So cry your tears, but never fear, your heart will thrive in the end.


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